Abundance Resources

March 4/5, 2016

We live in a culture that is skeptical of anything free, yet God tells us there are no strings attached, just come and delight in His abundance. We are invited to God’s banquet table at no cost. Let’s be women who respond to God’s gracious invitation, knowing it is only in Him that our desire for abundance can truly be satisfied!


Friday Evening Session

Julie Westfall  ::  Abundance Lecture 1


Saturday Evening Session

Julie Westfall  ::  Abundance Lecture 2


Heather Blass

Breakout Session  ::  Leading Where You Are

Notes     |     Audio

Gretchen Miller

Breakout Session  ::  Abundant Time With The Lord

Notes     |     Audio

Suzi Miller

Breakout Session  ::  Story Teller

Notes     |     Audio

Dorothy Skiles

Breakout Session  ::  Abundance In The Valleys

Notes     |     Audio

Deby Turnrose

Breakout Session  ::  Abundantly Creative

Notes     |     Audio

Carisah Lee

Breakout Session  ::  Social Media