Communications Forms

Always BEGIN HERE to plan an event, reserve a room, and get something on the calendar. Check out this QUICK GUIDE to see an overview of the process. 5 easy steps and you’ll be a savvy event-creating ace.

Have something you’d like to PROMOTE during the weekend gatherings or otherwise? Need DESIGN help or layout for print? Wanting a SOCIAL MEDIA blast? This is for you.

Need a webpage UPDATED? Navigation issue? Dreaming about some cool digital goodness to add and trick out your page? Your new best friend = Web Request. Psst… Already an editor? Check out our QUICK GUIDE!

File ready to print? Use this form! Big or small, EVERY print project that goes to the pit comes through here. Even if Comm designed it for you, you still send the created files to print here.

Communications Resources

We’ve got style. No, literally, we have a guide for our style. Official names, color palette, logo usage, and typography so we can all communicate with consistency.

Need to create a slide for our screens, make a directional sign for the valet stands, or create a file for print? We’ve got the dimensions all here for you.

Need an arrow for a directional sign that stays consistent with the rest? Find our official design elements here.

Get your hands on the official, up-to-date logos for ministries, events, and, of course, BVG.

Communications Department Overview