EVENT REQUEST // Quick Guide

STEP 1 // Prep Before Submitting

  1. Check BVG Events List for gatherings and other ministry events
  2. Check eSpace Calendar for concurrent events and room availability
  3. Get approval from SLT member or Next Steps Pastor or Director
  4. Submit a Speaker Approval Request AND receive confirmation that the speaker(s) have been approved

STEP 2 // Submit Event Request Form

Should be completed 90 days in advance. You will receive an automatic confirmation of your Event Request, and the form is automatically emailed to:

  1. FACILITIES (JulieA// Checks eSpace room availability.
  2. SENIOR LEADERSHIP TEAM MEMBER (Lisa DeMont// Checks All Church ministry calendar. If conflict, SLT consulted.
  3. MARCOMM COORDINATOR  (Garrett// Awaits event approval confirmation.

STEP 3 // Wait to Receive Confirmation

  1. If SLT & Facilities confirm availability, notification email of confirmation sent from MarComm Coordinator (Garrett)
  2. MarComm adds event to the appropriate calendars, including the all-church events calendar, individual campus calendars, and individual ministry calendars

STEP 4 // Submit eSpace Room Request

  1. Go to http:https://app.espace.cool/account/login and complete an Event Request. (This request is seen only by the Facilities Department and is separate from the MarComm Event Request.)

STEP 5 // Submit Ministry Support Requests

IMPORTANT: 1) These are REQUESTS, they do not guarantee an expectation of fulfillment. 2) Do NOT fill out ANY of these requests PRIOR to receiving CONFIRMATION of your event (STEP 3).

NOTE: What forms you fill out will depend on what ministry needs you indicated on your original Event Request. 

  1. Design Request Form // bigvalleygrace.org/designrequest
  2. Live-Production Request Form // bvgpro.org/requests/live-production
  3. Child Care Request Form // bigvalleygrace.org/childcarerequest
  4. Arena Registration Setup // SteveH@bvg.org
  5. Facility Set-Up Request // Setupforms@bvg.org
  6. Food Services Request Form // bigvalleygrace.org/foodservicesrequest
  7. Café Istoria Arrangements // Angie G@bvg.org
  8. Print Request Form // bigvalleygrace.org/printrequest
  9. Photography Request Form // bigvalleygrace.org/photographyrequest
  10. Video Production Request // TimGiannosaJr@bvg.org
  11. Promotion Request Form // Approved events will be promoted by the MarComm Department. You no longer need to complete a separate form.
  12. Social Media Request Form // Approved events will be promoted on social media by the MarComm Department. You no longer need to complete a separate form.
  13. Web Request Form // Approved events will be put on the website by the MarComm Department. You no longer need to complete a separate form.