EVENT REQUEST // Quick Guide

STEP 1 // Prep Before Submitting

  1. Check BVG Calendar for concurrent events
  2. Check eSpace Calendar availability
  3. Get approval from DO Pastor
  4. Submit a Speaker Approval Request AND receive confirmation that the speaker(s) have been approved

STEP 2 // Submit Event Request Form

Should be completed 90 days in advance. You will receive an automatic confirmation of your Event Request and the form is automatically emailed to:

  1. COMMUNICATIONS  (Garrett// Checks availability of all ministry support requests made on the Event Request. Checks calendar availability. If conflict, executive team consulted.
  2. FACILITIES (Tahleen// Checks eSpace room availability.

STEP 3 // Wait to Receive Confirmation

  1. If Communications & Facilities confirm availability, event is confirmed and added to the BVG Calendar
  2. Notification email of confirmation sent from Communications (Garrett)

STEP 4 // Submit eSpace Room Request

  1. Go to http:https://app.espace.cool/account/login to fill out an EMS Request

STEP 5 // Submit Ministry Support Requests

IMPORTANT: 1) These are REQUESTS, they do not guarantee an expectation of fulfillment. 2) Do NOT fill out ANY of these requests PRIOR to receiving CONFIRMATION of your event (STEP 3).

NOTE: What forms you fill out will depend on what ministry needs you indicated on your original Event Request. 

  1. Design Request Form // bigvalleygrace.org/designrequest
  2. Photography Request Form // bigvalleygrace.org/photographyrequest
  3. Print Request Form // bigvalleygrace.org/printrequest
  4. Promotion Request Form // bigvalleygrace.org/promotionrequest
  5. Social Media Request Form // bigvalleygrace.org/socialmediarequest
  6. Web Request Form // bigvalleygrace.org/webrequest
  7. Live-Production Request Form // bvgpro.org/requests/live-production
  8. Video Production Request // VinceM@bvg.org
  9. Food Services Request Form // bigvalleygrace.org/foodservicesrequest
  10. Child Care Request Form // bigvalleygrace.org/childcarerequest
  11. Arena Registration Setup // SteveH@bvg.org
  12. Facility Set-Up Request // Setupforms@bvg.org
  13. Café Istoria Arrangements // JasonS@bvg.org