WEB EDITING // Quick Guide

Editing Your Ministry Webpage

  • Log in as an editor to WordPress on the backend: bigvalleygrace.org/wp-admin
  • This takes you to the WordPress “Dashboard
  • Navigate to your ministry webpage URL through your internet browser (ie. input bigvalleygrace.org/women if you want to edit the women’s ministry page)
  • You’ll notice a new  “WordPress Bar” that now appears at the top of your webpage browser, indicating that you are now logged in as an editor.
  • Click on “Edit Ministry” on this bar.
  • Use the page builder currently running your page to edit information and content as needed (See section below: Page Builders)
  • Make sure to save as you go and when completed! (For Visual & Visual Composer, you will hit the “Update” button on the right. For Cornerstone, you will hit the “Save” button in the bottom left.)

Page Builders

There are 3 types of page builders currently running on our site and your ministry site will be one of the following:

  1. Visual – Simple, no application or plugin, simple rich text + media (same as “text” but with css code applied)
  2. Visual Composer – Our old application used to create pages. You can toggle between “Classic Mode” and “Backend Editor.” We suggest “Backend Editor,” as it is highly visual and much easier to use.
  3. Cornerstone – Our new application used to create pages. Click on the “Cornerstone” tab in the top right area of the text box and click “Edit with Cornerstone” to enter the designated editor. A visual representation of the page that is editable appears on the right and the elements appear on the left.


To edit an existing form, go to the “Dashboard.” Click on “Forms” on the left-hand side. Hover over the form you’d like to edit, click the “Edit” button that appears to make changes.


  • The “Featured Image” is what will appear if someone uses your page URL in social media.


  1. Only edit your ministry webpage.

    Do not make any changes to other pages you don’t manage, site navigation, appearance settings, the calendar, homepage, or anything else.

  2. Only edit text content on your webpage.

    Please do not change media content on your page, photos, banners etc., without first contacting Communications via a Web Request.

  3. Only edit content AFTER your Event Request has been approved.
  4. ALL text additions must be cleared by one of our Approved Proofers:

    Megan Cardenas
    Karen Fullmer
    Monica Jimenez
    Wendy Jones
    Julie Lunsford
    Brandon Peterson
    Roberta Prather

    Communications does NOT need to approve every change you make as long as the content has received (a) proofing and (b) event approval, but if the change to your page is pertinent info for the communications team to be aware of, please let us know at [email protected]

  5. Forms are for receiving info, NOT registration.

    You may create and edit existing forms (using the “Forms” tab on the “dashboard”) to receive information and requests only. Do NOT use forms for event registration, all registration needs to use Arena and go through Steve.