Women’s Bible Study Small Groups Begin

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Join us as we study the Word in small groups this winter! We need the solid foundation of the Word of God, and real connections with other women more than ever! We have many groups, all doing different studies. Some are meeting online, some in person! Some are inside, some are outside. We invite you to go check out all the options, and sign up to join a group! Groups will be launching the week of January 25th, so don't delay!

Find a group HERE.  You will find all of our Bible Study Small Groups.  Go to “List View” at the top right corner, and scroll down to find the groups labeled “Women – (leader name).”  You can sign up through this site.  The Group Leader will then contact you with how to get your study book and any other important info. We hope you will join us this winter!

Date & Time

Groups Begin

January 25