Women’s Weekend 2018

2 Day Conference for women!

with Special Guest Speaker Dannah Gresh

Lessons from a Thirsty Woman

Every woman hits a spiritually dry spot in her life, and that’s often why they come to a Christian conference– to be refreshed with the Living Water. No one can teach the skill of drinking it in like the Woman at the Well. During this expository message on John 4:1-29, Dannah will reveal three characteristics of a thirsty woman so the audience will know if they’re dry. Then she’ll reveal the two things a thirsty woman does to drink of the Living Water. Your audience will leave knowing just what their next step should be.


  • Breakout Sessions (see topics & speakers below)
  • Childcare available by reservation, $5 per child, lunch provided for child Saturday. Space is limited.
  • Cost: $25


Friday, March 2  |  7pm-9pm
  • Doors open at 6:15pm
  • Dessert 
  • Worship with Jackie Cleek and Session 1 with Dannah Gresh 
Saturday, March 3  |  9am - 2pm
  • Doors open at 8:30am
  • Worship with Jackie Cleek and Session 2 with Dannah Gresh 
  • Breakout Session - Choose 1 out of the 4 at time of Arena Registration
  • Boxed Panera Lunch (Gluten Free Option available upon request)
  • Panel Discussion with Women’s Ministry Leaders

Breakout Session Topics & Speakers

Streams in the Desert with Julie Westfall

Are you living in a spiritually dry and weary land? Are you having trouble moving forward? Do you spend more time wishing your life were different instead of enjoying the good things around you? Come take a walk through Psalm 87 and learn some practical ways to make your desert a place of springs.

Soaking Up the “Son” with Dorothy Skiles

There is good news for all of us who are thirsty! Jesus satisfies exceedingly and abundantly above what we can comprehend. As we dive into the Word of God, we will immerse ourselves in the characteristics of Jesus. Not only do we want to absorb the very person of Jesus Christ into our hearts, but we want to let Him permeate every aspect of our life. Come join Dorothy as we soak up the “Son” and in turn, radiate Jesus to those around us!

Abiding in Jesus and Producing Fruit in Our Busy Culture with Erin Countryman

Our culture tells us that to produce fruit we have to stay busy, strive, to hyper-schedule our calendar to be more productive—but Jesus is found no where in that message. John 15 tells us that apart from Jesus, we can do nothing! Jesus tells us to remain in Him and we will bear a lasting fruit. Come along and learn to abide in Him and discover what that lasting fruit is, and what it means for your life.

5 Things That Will Pollute the Living Water In You with Pastor Rick Countryman

The water that Jesus offers His followers according to John 4 is a living water— one that satisfies and quenches our thirst— and is to be a constant supply in us like a natural spring that bursts forth. Pastor Rick will share some practical things to look for that might be creeping-in our living water supply, and drying up our spiritual wells.


Contact: [email protected]

An interpreter for the Deaf will be provided during the event.