Big Valley Grace is a Christ-centered church that worships in Spirit and Truth every weekend in multi-generational gatherings. We offer a variety of worship styles to draw all generations and cultures into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

While worship is the primary focus of our Weekend Gatherings, it is just one of the five core values encouraged every weekend.

Before and after each Gathering, people are encouraged to connect with each other in fellowship.  Ministries like Café Istoria and On The Patio were created to enhance these moments and encourage people to build authentic relationships with each other.

A major component of Weekend Gatherings are teaching messages.  We devote 45 minutes of our time together to teach and equip believers to love and grow in obedience to His Word.

Without the hundreds of people who serve each weekend, our Gatherings wouldn’t even be possible.  Regular attenders of Big Valley Grace are encouraged to Attend One + Serve One.

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