Big Valley Grace is a Christ-centered church that worships in Spirit and Truth every weekend in multi-generational gatherings. We offer a variety of worship styles to draw all generations and cultures into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

While worship is the primary focus of our Weekend Gatherings, it is just one of the five core values encouraged every weekend.

Before and after each Gathering, people are encouraged to connect with each other in fellowship.  Ministries like Cafe Istoria and On The Patio were created to enhance these moments and encourage people to build authentic relationships with each other.

A major component of Weekend Gatherings are teaching messages.  We devote 45 minutes of our time together to teaching, equipping believers to love and grow in obedience to His Word

Without the hundreds of people who serve each weekend, our Gatherings wouldn’t even be possible.  Regular attenders of Big Valley Grace are encouraged to Attend One + Serve One.

Gathering Information

Saturday 6:00pm – Worship Center
Sunday 9:00am – Worship Center
Sunday 9:00am – The Venue
Sunday 11:00am – Worship Center
Sunday 11:00 am – The Venue
We offer several distinct Weekend Gatherings at Big Valley Grace with varying musical styles and sizes.


Our Contemporary Gatherings feature the latest worship music led by various worship leaders accompanied by a band with guitars, bass, drums and keyboards.  These Gatherings feature modern lighting and stage sets that help create an intimate and focused worship gathering.

Contemporary Gathering Times:

Saturday 6:00pm – Worship Center
Sunday 9:00am – The Venue
Sunday 11:00am – Worship Center
Sunday 11:00am – The Venue


Our Classic Gathering features music from the rich and vast collection of music throughout church history, led by worship leaders accompanied by a band, choir and orchestra.  These gatherings feature a wide variety of music which includes hymns of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, choir anthems from the 1980’s-1990’s, as well as Southern Gospel-style songs.

Classic Gathering Time:

Sunday 9:00am – Worship Center


Big Valley Grace Community Church is a big place….it’s even in our name.  Our Worship Center can accommodate up to 1500 people.  We understand that not everyone prefers to be in a crowd this large.

For those who prefer a contemporary yet more intimate setting, we created The Venue.  The Venue features the latest worship music led by various worship leaders accompanied by a band with guitars, bass, drums and keyboards in a room that seats 250 people.  These gatherings also feature an HD live video stream of the message from the Worship Center.

Hearing Impaired

For hearing impaired, we offer a live sign language interpreter at our 11:00am Contemporary Gathering in the Worship Center.

We offer various classes and programs at each of our weekend gatherings for ages birth through 6th grade.

Infants & Toddlers (birth – 35 Months)

Our Infant classrooms are among the most unique places in the church. Between changing diapers, rocking, snacking and playing, there are small windows of opportunity to teach these little ones about the love of God. Our goal is simple. We want each child to feel loved and cared for while their parents enjoy the worship gathering.

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Ohana Island (3 years – Kindergarten)

Ohana Island is a destination for children ages 3 years old through kindergarten. Our curriculum is designed to teach children 3 basic truths: God made me, God loves me, and Jesus wants to be my friend forever. Our lessons include engaging games and activities, as well as an interactive Bible story, worship and small group time.

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Elementary (1st – 4th Grade)

Every weekend kids come together in a large group setting to worship and hear a Bible lesson. Then we break into small groups where the lesson, virtue and memory verse are reinforced in creative and fun ways.

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Club 56 (5th – 6th Grade)

Club 56 is unique ministry that is geared towards the 5th and 6th graders. This pre-teen age group is a key segment of society that is ripe for the harvest that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 9. Everything – worship, discipleship and outreach opportunities – is structured with 5th and 6th graders in mind.

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Gathering FAQs

Yes!  You can preview gatherings online at Watch Live (only available during gathering times).  You can also view messages from past gatherings at Messages (available any time).

No! You can wear whatever you feel most comfortable wearing. Some people wear coats and ties; others wear jeans and t- shirts, and some wear shorts and flip flops.

Maybe! We leave that up to you as the parent to decide whether or not your child may be disruptive to those around you. Our gatherings are designed for adults (which mean they tend to be a bit boring for children). We do offer various Children’s Ministry options at each of our gatherings (for ages birth through 8th grade), which we recommend for your children to learn about God at their level.

No! We do receive an offering at some point in our gatherings because God’s Word tells us to, but you don’t have to give anything unless you want to give.

To learn more about why we take an offering, visit Give.

No! There are lots of people who are members of Big Valley Grace (and we hope that one day that you’d become a member), but you don’t have to be a member to attend.

No! We do encourage you to bring a Bible, but it isn’t required. All the Bible verses in each week’s message are in a program you are given as you enter and are on the big screens for all to see.

Yes! If you need help finding your way around, stop at the Information Center, located in the Lobby at the front of the main building. Someone will be happy to help you.

Please contact us ahead of time and let us know you’re coming!  We would love to meet with you and help you have the best experience possible at Big Valley Grace.

You can also visit I’m New right here on our site for more information about your first visit to Big Valley Grace Community Church.

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