About Us

Welcome to Big Valley Grace Community Church!  We are a non-denominational, Christ-centered, Bible-based church in Modesto, CA.

Meet Our Staff

Rick Countryman

Rick Countryman has been on staff at Big Valley Grace Community Church in Modesto, CA, since 1985. He served as Youth Pastor for 20 years, then Men’s Pastor, until becoming Senior Pastor in 2005.

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Doug Beachler
Rex Cline
Gary Ericksen
Mark Kleiderlein
Gordon Lucas
Steve Landes
John McElvey
Eldon Parker
Charles Rumble
Nathan Sink
Mark Vivian
Rick Countryman

Contact our Elder Board

Joel Boone – Associate Pastor
John Fraioli – Pastor of Financial Ministries
Bobby Kirchner – Executive Pastor
Rick Thompson – Pastor of Congregational Care
Alan Boone – Pastor Emeritus
Scott Butler – Pastor of Worship
Pat Chavez – Pastor of Reach Local
Mark Clements – Pastor of Young Married
Scott Elliott – BVCS High School/Junior High School Campus Pastor
Kevin Hasenfus – Pastor of High School Ministries
Scott Miller – Pastor of Recovery & Counseling Ministries
Tim Miller – Associate Pastor of Worship
Chad Pippin – Pastor of Weekend Production
Eric Raingruber – Associate Pastor of Congregational Care
Gordon Rumble – Pastor of Senior Adults
Rich Sasser – Pastor of Adult Ministries
Jason Shields – Pastor of Connect/Serve
Scott Stubbert – Associate Pastor of Recovery & Counseling Ministries
Roger S – Pastor of Reach Global
Erin Countryman – Associate Director of Women
Lisa De Mont – Director of Family Ministries
Julie Elliott – Nursery Associate
Matt Ippolito – Club 56 Ministry Coordinator
Gretchen Miller – Director of Women
Brandon Peterson – Director of Communications
Dennis Thompson – Director of Good Samaritan Ministry
Aaron Youngman – Junior High Associate
Jason Begines – Facilities Manager
Vince Moretto – Video Production Manager
Lee Ostlind – IT Manager
Tricia Rowan – Food Services Manager
Marvin Steelman – Technical Services Manager
Hrayr Santourian – Accounting Manager
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Araceli Amador – Administrative Assistant to Grow, Spanish Ministry
Sharon Bowman – Administrative Assistant to Family Ministries, Jr.  High, School of Ministry
Megan Cardenas – Communications Coordinator
Adelina Chewning – Early Childhood Coordinator
Hannah Fraioli – Administrative Assistant to Recovery & Counseling
Katie Fuentes – Administrative Assistant to Reach
Karen Fullmer – Executive Assistant to Financial Ministries
Amanda Girardin – Graphic Designer
Charlotte Heisel – Receptionist
Steve Hutson – Arena Database Specialist & Developer
Monica Jimenez – Administrative Assistant to Adult Ministries & Grow
Wendy Jones – Assistant to Executive Pastor
Robin LaFreniere – Accounts Payable Assistant
Lori Mayfield – Administrative Assistant to Women
Roberta Prather – Executive Assistant to Weekend Production
Heidi Schuurman – Administrative Assistant to Top Flight Kids’ Ministry
Janice Shapland – Accounts Payable Clerk
Matt Tanis – Audio Coordinator
Karen Thompson – Administrative Assistant to Congregational Care and Senior Adults
Tara Sugiura – Administrative Assistant to Connect/Serve
Kym Wolf – Administrative Assistant to Club 56 and High School

Church History

Big Valley Grace Community Church was established in 1966 under the name Greenwood Grace Brethren Church with members of La Loma Grace Brethren Church in Modesto, CA.  The very first worship service was held on January 23, 1966 at the Sylvan Clubhouse on McHenry Avenue with 36 people in attendance.

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