Letter from Chairman Mark Kleiderlein

Dear BVG Family:

Many of you have received an email message from Pastor Rick Countryman regarding his campaign for mayor of Modesto. That email came from his campaign email address. After the email was sent, some had questions about the origin of his email list or whether Big Valley Grace was financially supporting Rick’s campaign in any way.

Since Rick has been on staff at Big Valley Grace for nearly 40 years and the Senior Pastor for the last 16, virtually all of his contacts are affiliated in some way with Big Valley Grace. So, like most people, he has a contact list on his computer and phone that are both personal and professional and there is no question that the lines are blurred between the two. I received the email as well. While Rick and I serve at the same church, we have also been personal friends for nearly 40 years, so I would have expected him to contact me about his campaign.

If you received the email from Rick’s campaign and would like to receive future campaign emails, please respond to that email and ask to be included.

If you received it and do not wish to receive any more, DO NOTHING. You will be removed from his list if you do not respond.

Please do not unsubscribe from this email, as you will no longer receive information from Big Valley Grace Community Church.  

The Big Valley Grace Elder Board is fully supportive of Rick’s desire to have an impact in our community by serving as mayor, but the church in no way contributes to his campaign. All communications and other campaign expenses are paid through his campaign fund.


Mark Kleiderlein, Chairman

Big Valley Grace Elder Board