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Do not complete this form for events you only want to appear on the STAFF CALENDAR. The “staff calendar” is now the eSPACE CALENDAR. You need only complete an “event request” in eSpace. 

For events to be promoted beyond church staff, check out this QUICK GUIDE to see an overview of the process. 5 easy steps and you’ll be a savvy, event-creating ace.


Once your event is approved, contact the Marketing & Communications Department. Our team will work with you to develop a promotion plan. Plans often include: inclusion in a weekly all church e-mail, placement in various places on the BVG website, social media opportunities, and/or verbal announcements during a weekend gathering or mid-week event. Sometimes, additional efforts are appropriate.



Pro Tip: If your request is associated with an event, you might not need to complete additional forms. Read carefully.



We’ve got style. No, literally, we have a guide for our style. Official names, color palette, logo usage, and typography so we can all communicate with consistency.

Need to create a slide for our screens, make a directional sign for the valet stands, or create a file for print? We’ve got the dimensions all here for you.

Need an arrow for a directional sign that stays consistent with the rest? Find our official design elements here.