Marriage Conference Update

The Marriage Conference with Paul Tripp has been amazing! ¬†750 adults and over 100 kids attended. ¬†Major “Thank You” to all the staff and volunteers who worked so hard to make this time all that it was!


Here are some comments we heard from attenders:

“I thought I had a great marriage, until tonight!”

“After Friday night, we looked at each other and thought, ‘We could be done with the conference right now, we have so much work to do!’ And then today there was even more great stuff.”

“Paul did an awesome job of getting everybody engaged with humor, and then getting right to the heart of the issues.”

“You guys could have throw in the towel and cancelled the conference when Paul was unable to come, but you decided to invest even more into to make it great, thank you!”

“This was incredible, our marriage needed this, he is talking about us!”

Many staff and volunteers, from every department in the church, had a high investment in this weekend. All glory to God, the designer of each of us, and the designer of marriage.