Live Streaming

We stream our weekend gatherings, Celebrate Recovery, memorials, and other events. Read More

Weekend Messages

Find messages from the past several years in video format. You can also find resources such as notes and meditations that correlate with each message. Read More


Ever miss a sermon, wish you could listen to a message again, or curious about commonly asked questions relating to God and the Bible? Read More

Not Ashamed Stories

Are you unashamed of the gospel? Watch the personal stories from our congregation about being “not ashamed of the gospel." Read More

About the Gospel

Ministry of Big Valley Grace designed to share the gospel through online media. We record short videos that help to bring clarity to truth in the Bible. Read More

Radio Ministry

An outreach ministry of Big Valley Grace to impact the lives of people in the Central Valley through the proclamation of God’s Word. Read More


Big Valley Grace has many informational and encouraging classes which cover a variety of topics. Read More