Aviators In Training

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Aviators in Training is a Wednesday night adventure for kids in grades K-4. Each week, kids will connect in community through small groups, learn about a passage of Scripture, and dig into the passage in a fun and age-appropriate way. At home, kids are challenged to read their Bibles daily, complete Flight Book, and memorize the weekly verse to earn points for their small group.

Aviators in Training is a book-by-book journey into Scripture helping students see the Bible in a way that will make them want to dig deep—building a foundation for life transformation. Here is what it will look like:

  • Grades K-4
  • Each semester, kids explore a different book of the Bible, while learning how that book ties in with the rest of God’s story.
  • The registration fee will cover the cost of training sheets and prizes.
  • Anyone is welcome. 

Registration for 2017-2018 coming soon!

For information about the dates, times, and locations for the upcoming Aviators in Training this year, CLICK HERE.

Take Off

Kids will start in assigned groups (if they are registered) with Community Time. In Community Time, students get to talk about their day, go over memory verses and take-home activity sheets from the week before, etc.

Flight Training

After Community Time, everyone will come together for the Bible story, worship, and exciting ice-breaker games.


Finally, kids will go back into small groups, where they will explore the Bible story with their leader and work on their activity sheets and memory verse. Each week, kids have the opportunity to recite the prior week’s memory verse and earn an Explorer Card.

Cost: $30 – Includes end of the year award, prizes, and fun nights.
T-shirt: $5

You can also register for Aviators in Training at the door.

Explore the Bible apps to coordinate with Aviators in Training:



Safety & Security

All volunteers in Top Flight Kids’ Ministry are required to fill out an application and go through a background screening prior to serving. All children are given a nametag with their name, parent’s names, any important health information, and a security number. This tag matches the label given to the parent at check-in. If any issues arise with a child, the parent will be paged by posting the security number in the gathering. The parent label is required for pick up.


Top Flight Kids’ Ministry could not exist without the leadership and expertise of significant adults who volunteer to guide and mentor children.  Top Flight Kids’ Ministry has opportunities for people with all different gifts.

Our greatest need is for adults to invest in a small group of kids during one of our 3 gatherings. Our weekend ministry is relationally fueled, so we ask our adult leaders to commit to come each week and shepherd the same small group of kids.

We also need registration/check-in helpers, large group teachers and worship leaders. There is literally a place for everyone to serve in Top Flight Kids’ Ministry in one capacity or another. Join us, and make an eternal impact in the lives of kids in our church.

To learn how you can impact the lives of children, contact Bridgette at (209) 577-1604 or fill out the application below:

Volunteer - Top Flight Kids' Ministry

Fill out this form to let us know you are interested in volunteering for Top Flight Kid's Ministry.
  • Please enter the phone number which you are easiest to be reached by.