Celebrate Recovery

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Celebrate Recovery is a biblical and balanced program, based on the actual words of Jesus rather than psychological theory, that helps us overcome our hurts, hang-ups, and habits. 20 years ago, Saddleback Church launched Celebrate Recovery with 43 people. This program was designed to help those struggling with hurts, habits and hang-ups by showing them the loving power of Jesus Christ through a recovery process.

Celebrate Recovery is now in more than 20,000 churches worldwide, including Big Valley Grace Community Church.  

Scott Stubbert

Pastor of Recovery

[email protected]

A safe place for teenagers (Junior High to High School) to find hope and freedom from their pain and addictions. Meetings include connecting with other teenagers, learning recovery principles, hearing testimonies from others who have been through recovery and openly sharing about the struggles teenagers are facing. Read More

Rock Solid Kids is a program that helps kids overcome life’s challenges by learning to lean on Jesus. Our goal is to break the cycle of dysfunction in families by reaching kids at a young age with the Truth that brings healing and wholeness to their lives. Read More

audioarchivelqTimes and Locations

Dinner: 5:30pm – 6:15pm ($3-$6)
Large Group: 6:30pm – 7:30pm, Under the Sails
Open Share: 7:30pm – 8:30pm
Solid Rock Cafe: 8:30pm – 9:15pm (not currently meeting, due to COVID-19)


This is the meeting before the meeting and the meeting after the meeting–it’s just as important as the other meetings. It is where we start to build healthy relationships. We have the chance to meet potential sponsors, develop support and accountability teams, and cultivate healthy friendships. Our CR food team barbecues (summer menu) and prepares all sorts of delicious and creative meals every week. Desserts are available for $1.00 at the end of open share (8:30pm) Under the Sails.

Large Group

This is a great opportunity to gather as a Recovery community. We worship God with our Celebrate Recovery band, receive teaching on the 12 steps and their biblical comparisons, and hear testimonies from those who have walked the road of recovery.

Open Share Groups

We gather in gender-based and issue-specific groups. Open Share groups provide an opportunity to share our experience, strength, and hope from our own recovery journey. Safety is key in recovery. In order to keep groups safe, we hold to these 5 guidelines:
1. Keep your sharing focused on your own thoughts and feelings. Please limit your sharing to 3-5 minutes.
2. There will be no cross talk, please. Cross talk is when two individuals engage in dialogue, excluding all others. Each person is free to express feelings without interruption.
3. We are here to support each other. We will not attempt to “fix” one another.
4. Anonymity and confidentiality are basic requirements. What is shared in the group stays in the group.
5. Offensive language has no place in a Christ-centered recovery group.

1st Time Attenders

Our heart goes out to first-timers! If this is your first time, we invite you to our first-time guests’ group in the Altar Room after the large group meeting. We give direction to the Altar Room every week during large group announcements. Contact Us for more information.

Current Open Share Groups

Women’s Groups
Chemical & Alcohol Addictions
Codependent to Sexually Addicted Men
Codependent to Chemical Addict
Food Addiction/Eating Disorder
Physical, Sexual & Emotional Abuse
Sexual Addiction

Men’s Groups
Chemical & Alcohol Addictions
Sexual Addiction
Food Addiction/Compulsive Overeating
Codependent to Chemical Addict

Men’s Saturday Open Share || Saturday’s  7:30 am || Portable area Hangar 12

For information about Celebrate Recovery, contact us.

Step Studies

These are gender-based groups (not issue specific) that meet weekly to go through the four Celebrate Recovery participant guides which include the 12 steps and their biblical comparisons. These in-depth studies usually takes 10-12 months to complete, and are where we truly begin to move forward in healing and freedom.
For information about Step Studies, contact us.

Family Ministries

Celebrate Recovery is a whole family ministry.
For children birth through kindergarten: childcare available. (NOT CURRENTLY MEETING, DUE TO COVID-19)
For children grades 1-6: Rock Solid Kids (NOT CURRENTLY MEETING, DUE TO COVID-19)
For teens in junior high and high school: The Landing


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