Growth Groups

Mary Starr

We believe that the Christian life is best lived in the context of community. In a Growth Group, you will find a place to connect with other Christians, study God’s Word, and encourage one another as you pray, care and share life together.

The purpose of Growth Groups at Big Valley Grace is to connect believers together in small communities where they will grow in their relationship with God and each other as they walk through life together. Growth Groups offer opportunities to support one another and to serve and reach their world for Christ.

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Home Growth Groups // Off-Campus

Home Growth Groups are located throughout the greater Modesto area. They generally meet weekly or biweekly for 1½ to 2 hours on different days and at different times. Most groups have a regular time of fellowship, Bible study and prayer with occasional opportunities for community service or just having fun together.

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Ministry Growth Groups // On-Campus

We also have a variety of Growth Groups that meet weekly on campus. Many of our weekly meetings in various ministries are structured for opportunities to connect with a small group within the larger meeting context.  You’ll be part of a small group of individuals, allowing time to get to know one another and to support and encourage one another.

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We know that whatever your need or season in life, we have a Growth Group that will meet you where you are and be a place where you’ll feel comfortable. Browse the Home Growth Group locator HERE or contact [email protected] with any questions about Growth Groups!