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High School Ministry (HSM) is a group of 9th-12th grade students and adult mentors who gather to worship God and connect with each other. We desire to grow to be more like Jesus, to serve others in love, and to reach the world with the message of hope in Jesus Christ.


6:30-8:30pm in The Venue

HSM offers an exciting atmosphere where students come together for an evening of student-led worship and relevant teaching from the Bible. Then students connect in Growth Groups, led by awesome adult mentors, to encourage one another in their journey with Jesus Christ.


11:00am-12:30pm in HSM Room 208 (East Wing)

Come in, grab a coffee and a pastry, and enjoy community-driven and discussion-focused HSM. We open up God’s Word, look at what it means, and apply it to our lives as followers of Christ.

Summer 2017

Hume Lake Christian Camps – July 23-29

Hailed as one of the top Christian Camps in the world, each year thousands of teens descend on the Kings Canyon National Forest and Hume Lake Camps to learn about and experience God in a fun, fresh and life-changing way. Big Valley Grace and Hume Lake have a long history together, one which has seen countless teens give their lives to Christ and be challenged to live fully and completely for Him. If you have never experienced Hume Lake, do it before you graduate. In fact, this might be a great year to see what God has in store for you!

PONDEROSA – $650 (click HERE)

Ponderosa, also known as “Pondy!” is our flagship camp at Hume Lake for high school students. One of the many things we love about Hume Lake is the opportunity to get away from the busyness and distractions that young people face on a daily basis and have an incredible camp experience. When you come to Pondy, you will hear the gospel preached, be challenged through scripture, engage in sweet worship and get some time alone and with your church to process what God did in your life at camp. Hume Lake takes pride in its high energy recreation, allowing kids to be kids. That includes things like playing in the mud, running the gauntlet, doing the bike jump, and dominating in Kajabe Can. If you allow it, a week at Ponderosa can change your life forever.

 WILDWOOD – $500 (click HERE)

Wildwood is Hume Lake’s discipleship camp for students who wish to push themselves beyond the familiar into a world of exceptional devotion to God. Wildwood’s philosophy of stripping away the layers of falsehood and distraction is evidenced in daily interactions and candid discussions about students’ lives, struggles, and answering God’s call for deeper devotion to Him. Set in the back forests of Hume’s property, Wildwood emphasizes overcoming obstacles and learning to discipline oneself in response to the challenges of life.

Registration opens April 12th

To register contact Kym Wolf @ kymw@bvg.org


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Special Events

Come join HSM for some amazing summer fun! Our After Party schedule runs all summer long and it is action packed!

HSM Summer Message Series:
The world and our human hearts are so deceitful. This summer in HSM, we are taking a hard look at The Truth found in The Word and how we as believers should cling to The Truth as we live within a broken world.




Bibles and Bagels | 9AM – 10AM | Queen Bean

Serve Opportunities

servant-slide-copyHSM 2017 Spring Break Outreach Wrap Up
(Written by Pastor Kevin)

Thank you for your prayers!

Mexico 2017 was truly an amazing experience. I loved sitting at victory circle (final chapel) and hearing our students, and most of our leaders, chanting for “ONE MORE WEEK”!!! The students by the end of the week referred to our group as “family” completely doing away with the title of HSM and I’m consider that a great victory.

I got to see students serve in ways that they had never served before. I witnessed walls that had been built up, crumble as the Holy Spirit worked in our students hearts. I got to see new bonds formed and many others strengthened. I watched leaders step up and point students back to Christ through their words and actions. I saw love within the body of Christ like I haven’t seen for a very long time and it was life giving.

The children of Ninos de Baja softened even the hardest of hearts and it was a beautiful sight to watch our students get out of their comfort zone for the cause of the Gospel. Our activities team got to share the creation story with the kids at the orphanage and our junior class acted out the story of Joseph. Many of our students were pushed to the limit and instead of breaking, they placed their fears at the feet of Jesus and trusted His faithfulness.

It’s safe to say, hearts were changed and moved! There is much to celebrate, many kingdom victories, and unforgettable experiences from this week on mission. Our kids are on fire, pray for that fire to keep burning as they now serve King Jesus back home! After all, we are always on mission!