Nursery: Infants & Toddlers

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Baby on Board

For those who are expecting a baby, congratulations! Big Valley Grace wants to begin ministering to your family even before your baby arrives. Let us know a little information, such as your baby’s due date and the hospital where you will deliver, by completing this New Baby form. We will be in touch with you soon!


Our Infant Nursery (birth – 18 months) is one of the most unique places in the church. Between changing diapers, rocking, snacking and playing, there are small windows of opportunity to teach these little ones about the love of God.

Our goal is simple: We want each child to feel loved and cared for while parents enjoy the worship gathering.


In the Toddler Nursery (18 – 35 months), each week is full of objects for toddlers to touch; wild and wiggly activities to get them moving; crafts they will love, and real life situations to which they can relate. Our goal is to help each child master a monthly key concept about God by creatively repeating the concept to make it stick.

Toddlers will begin to discover these three truths:

God MADE me.
God LOVES me.
Jesus WANTS to be my friend forever.

For Infants and Toddlers

1. Label your diaper bag.
2. Label your bottle.
3. Pre-measure and clearly label your formula.
4. Provide diapers.
5. Include a change of clothing in your bag.
6. Don’t forget the pacifier.

Parent Child Dedication

A few times each year, we have the joy of participating in Parent/Child Dedication.  Visit Parent/Child Dedication for more info.

Safety & Security

All volunteers in BVG Kids’ Ministry are required to fill out an application and go through a background screening prior to serving. All children are given a nametag with their name, parent’s names, any important health information, and a security number. This tag matches the label given to the parent at check-in. If any issues arise with a child, the parent will be paged by posting the security number in the gathering. The parent label is required for pick up.


BVG Kids’ Ministry could not exist without the leadership and expertise of significant adults who volunteer to guide and mentor children. BVG Kids’ Ministry has opportunities for people with all different gifts.

Our greatest need is for adults to invest in a small group of kids during one of our Sunday gatherings. Our weekend ministry is relationally fueled, so we ask our adult leaders to commit to come each week and shepherd the same small group of kids.

We also need registration/check-in helpers, large group teachers and worship leaders. There is literally a place for everyone to serve in BVG Kids’ Ministry in one capacity or another. Join us, and make an eternal impact in the lives of kids in our church.

To learn how you can impact the lives of children, contact Julie Elliott at (209) 577-1604 ext. 312 or fill out the application below:

Volunteer - BVG Kids

Fill out this form to let us know you are interested in volunteering with BVG Kids!
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