Parent/Child Dedication

Chad Pippin

Throughout the year, we have the joy of participating in Parent/Child Dedication. Dedication cannot impart grace or salvation to a child. Salvation only comes through Jesus Christ as each person recognizes his or her sinfulness and receives forgiveness and eternal life through Jesus Christ. Parent/Child Dedication is an opportunity for parents and the church family to present a child before the Lord and to commit to disciple the child in the Lord to the best of our ability.

God has called parents to the great privilege of discipling their children. But parents are assisted as the church family partners with them through encouragement and prayers, Children’s Ministry, and mentoring. In 1 Samuel 1:27-28 Hannah prayed for a child and promised she would give that child back to God: “So now I give him to the Lord. For his whole life he will be given over to the Lord.”

Parents and grandparents are encouraged to remember the moment when we publicly claimed these children for God and prayed that they would follow Jesus for the rest of their lives.

Dedications are during Worship Gatherings, Saturdays at 6pm and Sundays at 9 & 11am in the Worship Center and The Venue.

The Requirements

These prerequisites are important as a first step for you as parents to understand what we believe and for us to truly be able to partner with you in the spiritual development of your child.

To participate in the Parent/Child Dedication Ceremony:

  • Parents need to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • You must be parents or legal guardians of the child.
  • You must regularly attend Big Valley Grace’s worship services.
  • We ask parents who are living together and not married to take steps to acknowledge and surrender to God’s plan for their individual lives before participating.
  • You must have taken the Parent/Child Dedication Class.

Future Parent/Child Dedications: May 8/9 & September 11/12, 2021

Future Parent/Child Dedication CLASSES: April 28 & August 25, 2021

REGISTER for May dedication
REGISTER for September dedication

For more information about Parent/Child Dedication, contact: [email protected].


Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can a child take part in a Dedication Service?
Our primary focus is on children from birth to 18 months. However, we consider each family on an individual basis.

Can a single parent participate in a Baby Dedication?
Yes. We want to do all we can to encourage your walk with Christ. As a church family, we desire to be a part of your extended family. If you wish to participate in a Dedication Service and would like the support of your parents or another family member, we will gladly discuss this with you to provide guidance on how they can take part.

Do I need to attend the Parenting Class if I have participated in another church’s Dedication Service?
Yes. All parents must attend one Parenting Class, but only one, at Big Valley Grace. Once you attend the class for one child, you do not have to attend for your other children.

Do you provide reserved seating for grandparents and extended family?
No. We provide seating for your immediate family (You, spouse, children). Please make sure that your friends and family arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the service time get a seat close to the front.