Senior Adults

Chad Pippin

Prime Time is our gathering for Senior Adults. This gathering includes a message, songs, and times of sharing. Our Seniors also enjoy functions throughout the year. Join us online, Sundays at 10:30am. For more information, contact


Remember the Resurrection


Truth to Remember When Things Go South

Asaph – The Problem of Myopic Faith

2 Timothy: A Death Well Lived

FAKE NEWS: an epidemic of huge proportions yet it is nothing new

The Progressive Christianity Movement

America: She is alive, but will she soon perish? 

Lee Anderson


Remember The Basics

Simeon and Anna’s Bucket List

Have We Lost the Fear of God

Let’s Be Thankful

Generational Wealth

Rick Thompson

Lee Anderson

What do you say when you talk to yourself

Joseph: A Life of Overcoming Faith

Lee Anderson

6 Myth Dragons That Must Be Destroyed

Amnon Had A Friend

Freedom From Bitterness

Philippians 4:2-9

Aliens, UFOs, Giants, and the Nephilim 

Mark Burns PrimeTime

Solid Rock Securities

Proof of the Return

The Iniquities of a Nation

Walk Daily by the Holy Spirit

Dr. Jim Huckaba- Problems in “Fatherville”

Gordon Rumble- Calling All Clay Pots

Gordon Rumble- The Law of Moses and The Law of Christ

Rick Thompson on Trials and Tribulations

Signs of The Times



The Gift of The Holy Spirit

End Times Update


Heaven Bound

Lessons From the Farm

Middle East Update


God’s Creation



Minor Prophets Series

What Is Wrong With America?