Young Adults

Chad Pippin

YOUNG ADULTS is a ministry for college and young adults.  It’s a place for encouragement for life, honest conversations, and spiritual investmentIf you want to grow deeper in your walk with Jesus, engage with God's Word, and interact with a bunch of others in a similar stage of life, this is a great place to be. It might just be the community you are looking for. 



SUNDAY NIGHTS AT THE CAFE are our weekly gatherings. We build community around the Word of God; spending time alone with the Lord in a passage before opening up our time for small and large group discussion and teaching. The environment is super casual and friendly. We always have fresh coffee and an assortment of snack.


We meet every Sunday from 5:30-7:30pm at Big Valley Grace's on-campus cafe area inside the Worship Center building between Cafe Istoria & The Venue. 


We are in a study of the book of Jonah! Think Jonah, think whale, but this short book is a rich and deep picture of the character of God; His undeserving grace reaching Jonah in the depths of the sea and Nineveh in the depths of its wickedness. This is a short book and we invite you to read it weekly! Catch up and join us this week!



Please contact us if you have any questions!