Before you begin

  • Set aside at least 30 minutes to go through this process

  • Find a space free of distractions or interruptions

  • Have a Bible handy

  • Spend some time in prayer before beginning, asking for humility, wisdom, and clarity

What to expect

  • Depending on the person, we anticipate this taking at least 30 minutes

  • At the bottom, there is a button to email the completed form to your inbox. You'll also have the option to share with our team so we can celebrate with you!

  • This form does not save, so plan to fill it out in one sitting

What's next?

  • Go back and review what you've written. The more you reflect on your story, the more ready you will be to share it

  • Your testimony is a door opener, not a convincing tool

  • The purpose of this tool is to put words and thought to your story, not for memorizing verbatim

  • BEFORE I placed my faith in Jesus

  • What were you like? How did you view God, existence, and eternity? Provide details and give examples.
  • What did you value? What did your life revolve around? What were you striving after? What gave you a sense of purpose? Where did you find hope or peace?
  • What or who let you down? Where did you feel empty, unfulfilled, broken, or incomplete? Did you struggle with loneliness, fear, inadequacy, shame, or insecurity? How did you deal with them? What were you searching for?
  • WHEN I placed my faith in Jesus

  • What was happening in your life that led you to consider Christ? What was the leadup and turning point as God got your attention began to open your eyes to his Truth? Give details and be specific.
  • What were the circumstances, specific events, and people God used in your life? What details about the time, date, place, and people do you remember?
  • In your own words, who was Jesus and why did you need him? How was Jesus the solution to the problem of sin? What did it mean to accept him as both Savior (rescuer) and Lord (king)?
  • AFTER I placed my faith in Jesus

  • What transformation or restoration have you seen? What areas of your old self are gone and how have they changed? List some specific areas; attitude, emotions, actions, relationships with other, character, and perspective.
  • How has God continued to form you from where you first placed your faith in him to where you are now (Isaiah 64:8)? What fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23) have you seen being formed in you as you become more like Christ? Be specific and include specific memories of events; trials, seasons, and moments of growth.
  • What does it currently look like? How are you connected in Christian community? How is your relationship with Jesus impacting the practical areas of life; friendships, family, work, etc. What does your rhythm of worship and abiding in Christ (John 15:5) look like? How and where are you Jesus to others? Provide as many details and be as authentic as possible. These personal stories are relatable and powerful!
  • What memorable passage of Jesus in the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) resonates deeply with you? How might this story connect with someone you know who does not yet know Christ?
  • We'd love to celebrate with you and love hearing the stories of faith and transformation in our church family! We will NOT use or share your story in any way without your permission.

Do you have children who have placed their trust in Jesus?

Check out our simpler testimony builder tool designed just for kids! 


Are you ready to share your story?

Our personal testimonies are some some of the most powerful discipleship and outreach tools because they are so deeply unique to us. Each of us have a story and all those who name the name of Christ have been brought into and share in God's incredible story of salvation.

In Acts 26, Paul stood before King Agrippa and spoke simply, logically, and clearly about his life before salvation, how he met Christ, and what his life was like after his conversion. Using this passage as a model for sharing our testimony in a conversational manner, we've put together this tool to help you be prepared to share your story.

As a church, we want to share those stories. We pray this tool helps you to put this story into writing, bring some linkage in how you understand the amazing transformation from old self to new self (Eph 4:22-24), and equips you with the right words, flow, and staring point to better share your faith.