Below is a list of the parenting classes that Big Valley Grace offers. We encourage every parent or future parent to take advantage of the wisdom that is taught in these classes in order to raise our children in a God-honoring way. If you are looking to register for a class please visit our Upcoming Events to see which classes are currently being offered or visit our Calendar to see which classes are coming soon!

Growing Kids God's Way

Growing Kids God’s Way was the first major parenting curriculum written for the Christian community, and has since served over two million households. This 17-week curriculum designed for parents of preschoolers through the middle years, continues to provide parents hope, encouragement and practical instruction in their duty of raising morally responsible and biblically responsive children. 

Prep for Parenting

This 5-week class covers newborn – 12 months. Designed for brand new or expecting parents. Prep for Parenting teaches a sensible approach that results in happy, healthy, contented babies (and sleep for new parents too)! 

Prep for Toddlers

This 4-week class covers a sensible approach to parenting toddlers (ages 5-15 months) by establishing learning and sleep patterns, providing moral training and discipline, and developing language and communication with your child.

Prep for Adolescence

This class covers effective ways to parent adolescents and how to disciple them in the ways of Christ.

Parent/Child Dedication

Throughout the year, we have the joy of participating in Parent/Child Dedication. Dedication cannot impart grace or salvation to a child. Salvation only comes through Jesus Christ as each person recognizes his or her sinfulness and receives forgiveness and eternal life through Jesus Christ. Parent/Child Dedication is an opportunity for parents and the church family to present a child before the Lord and to commit to disciple the child in the Lord to the best of our ability. Read More