Pray for Pastor Scott Butler

Big Valley Grace family…please be in prayer for Pastor Scott Butler.  Scott has been unable to sing for several weeks now and recently went to visit an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist.

More from Pastor Scott:

Ever since October 2-4, I’ve been experiencing vocal issues. At first I thought it was just from being vocally tired or a virus. I just assumed over time it would work itself out. Well, it’s been well over a month with no change.

I have two vocal nodules which are described as calluses, one on each vocal fold. They are small, but they take time to heal. The doctor stuck a scope with a camera on the end through my nose and down that back of my neck to see my vocal folds. As a result, here’s what I’m facing:

1. There is no irreparable damage! Praise the Lord!

2. The doctor has asked that I go on vocal rest

– I explained to her what I do and she said, “Oh…” 🙂

– She has asked me to go on a two week complete vocal rest.

– She wanted 6 weeks, but said to begin with two weeks to see how I feel. She made this decision based on what I do for a living.

– If I have to talk, she has asked that I use my “confidential” voice. 🙂

Please pray that I would heal quickly and that I would be disciplined to not talk/sing, etc.

Please pray for my team as they handle things vocally without me. I know they will be just fine!

Lastly, pray for Rick Countryman as he has decided to step in as my back up 🙂

Love you all!