New Ministry – Sidekicks Soccer

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sidekicks Soccer is a new ministry of Big Valley Grace Community Church designed to bring soccer in a Christ-centered environment to elementary-aged boys and girls, who have a mental or physical disability.

Big Valley Grace member and former School of Ministry intern, William Cooper, began Sidekicks Soccer out of a desire to see one of his life passions used to grow God’s Kingdom.

“God has had it on my heart for the last 10 or 11 years.  I just fell into it beautifully”, said William.

William’s history with soccer goes back to his youth, many years before he came to know The Lord.  William started playing soccer at 4 years of age and quickly fell in love with the sport.  William has been involved with soccer at multiple at levels, including playing semi-pro soccer in England.

When asked how soccer will minister to children with special needs, William said, “Soccer is just the tool.  God is using soccer to help them feel loved.”

Lisa DeMont and her daughter, Ally, attended Sidekicks Soccer first class on Saturday.

Lisa described Sidekicks Soccer as, “an opportunity for Ally to play sports in an environment that is safe her.  For the kids that feel different or can’t participate in things they want to participate in, its going to give them confidence in themselves.”

Lisa also added, “It allows the doors to be open to those who don’t know the Lord to experience Jesus in a different way.”

William hopes that through the Christ-centered environment that the children and parents will experience at Sidekicks Soccer, many will be drawn into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Please be praying for this new and exciting ministry!

To learn more about Sidekicks Soccer, contact William Cooper at [email protected].