Not Ashamed – Athil Singh

If you attend our weekend gatherings, you have probably seen Athil Singh faithfully serving as one of our ushers. You might recognize him, but more than likely you don’t know the story of how he came to faith in Jesus Christ while in prison. Take a moment and watch this inspiring and surprising video!

Not Ashamed – Megan Cardenas

Do the people you know know that you know Jesus? In this week’s Not Ashamed video, Megan Cardenas was confronted with the fact that there were people in her life who were unaware of her relationship with the Lord.

Not Ashamed – Carole Cassady

Carole Cassidy shares an amazing story of how she “fulfilled her mission” by sharing her faith with a man at her workplace, and what happened next will blow you away!

Not Ashamed – Jamie Thompson

Check out this incredible “not ashamed” story from Jamie Thompson.  Does God want you to be a “John Mark” to someone who doesn’t know Christ?

Not Ashamed – Gordon Rumble

Check out this inspiring “not ashamed” story from Pastor Gordon Rumble. Do you have a “Ron the Barber” in your life?

Not Ashamed Photos

Download your #NotAshamed photo HERE!!!! Share your photo on social media with hashtag #NotAshamed. Let the world know that you are not ashamed of the gospel!