The Christmas Challenge | Day 3


Things you will need: Bible, journal, writing utensil

Step 1: Spend several minutes in prayer.

-Begin by thanking God for all the ways He has been faithful to you.

-Ask the Lord to reveal to you areas of sin in your life.

-Ask God to forgive you of these sins.

-Ask God to speak to you through the Scriptures.

Step 2: Open your Bible and read Acts 2:42-47.

Step 3: Was there a word or a phrase from this passage that resonated with you?  Write this down in your journal.

Step 4: Read Acts 2:42-47 again.

Step 5: What do you believe the Lord is trying to reveal to you through this passage of Scripture?  Write this down in your journal.

Challenge – Fellowship Of The Believers

For many of us, the Christmas season is a busy time of year.  Even though the days are shorter and our to-do list is longer, it’s important to remain in fellowship with other believers.  

Set a time to connect with two or three other believers over coffee or a meal.  During this time, share with this group some specific ways in which they can be praying for you.  Ask how you can pray for them.  Write these requests in your journal and commit to pray for one another. 

Some of you might already be doing this on a regular basis through a small group, accountability group, discipleship group, etc.  That’s great!  Try not to forgo this regular meeting during the Christmas season.

Are you attending the Night Of Worship at The Century this evening? Perhaps you could connect and set up your small prayer group before/after the event.


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