The Christmas Challenge | Day 8


Things you will need: Bible, journal, writing utensil

Step 1: Spend several minutes in prayer.

-Begin by thanking God for all the ways He has been faithful to you.

-Ask The Lord to reveal to you areas of sin in your life.

-Ask God to forgive you of these sins.

-Ask God to speak to you through the Scriptures.

Step 2: Open your Bible and read Matthew 20:20-28

Step 3: Was there a word or a phrase from this passage that resonated with you?  Write this down in your journal.

Step 4: Reread Matthew 20:20-28

Step 5: What do you believe the Lord is trying to reveal to you through this passage of scripture?  Write this down in your journal.

Challenge – Serve

We are trusting by faith that there will be a large number of people at Celebrate Christmas this year.  Just imagine what might happen if everyone who is participating in The Christmas Challenge brought guests with them?  Needless to say, we will need a lot of help in various ministries. 

Help to make sure every need is covered by signing up for Attend One, Serve One.


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