Women’s Ministry – The Gospel Of John

The Gospel Of John

The-Gospel-of-John-Book-Cover-webToday was a cool day at Big Valley Grace.  Over 120 women gathered to kick off The Gospel of John Bible study this morning in The Venue!

The Gospel Of John study is an original Bible Study put together by the Women’s Ministry at Big Valley Grace.  In addition to the Thursday morning group meeting, the study is also being offered online, which includes weekly videos of the lectures from the Thursday morning study, digital versions of the material and a private discussion group on Facebook.

Together they are setting out on a twenty-one week journey in the Gospel of John with their focus being to follow in the very footsteps of Jesus while He was on earth.   They are specifically studying the Gospel of John because it is significantly different than the other synoptic gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke – which trace the chronological actions of Jesus.  The Apostle John however, placed more of a focus on what Jesus’ recorded actions revealed about who He was and His character.  

As they travel alongside Jesus each week, they will learn amazing theological truths that stand as the foundation for our faith and belief that Jesus is the Son of God.  They will learn the significance of His teachings and doctrines so that by the end of their study, they can be authentic disciples of our teacher, Jesus.

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