Welcome to Grace Transforms! We are so excited to go on this journey of grace together with you over the next ten weeks.  

 What’s the goal of Grace Transforms?  

To glorify God through exponential discipleship.  


What do we envision each person doing? 

Love your [actual] neighbor as yourself.  


This means every member of the Body of Christ, being led by the power of the Holy Spirit of God, evangelizing and discipling their [actual] neighbors, and leading them to do the same. 


This is a big goal, how is this even possible? 

Only by the transformational grace of God.  


Grace Transforms residents of earth into Citizens of Heaven who: 

Believe in Jesus Christ 

Influence for Jesus Christ 

Win for Jesus Christ 

Equip for Jesus Christ 

Multiply for Jesus Christ   


So, are you ready to begin the journey through Grace Transforms? Let’s glorify God with exponential discipleship!